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Thursday 6 November to Saturday 13 December 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 6 November 2014

Gallery:   Creative Licence

Curated by Anne Radimin, Creative Licence is a uniquely Canberra focused exhibition that invites 15 locally based, established and emerging craft and design practitioners to reinterpret, reuse and repurpose the remaining Canberra Centenary number plates to create new artworks. These innovative artworks incorporate design elements that respond to Canberra as Australia's only designed city. Artists: Elizabeth Kelly, Alex Asch, Mariana del Castillo, Dimity Kidston, Geoff + Sarah Farquhar - Still, Tom Skeehan, Ximena Briceno, Mel George, Harriet Schwarzrock, Aaron Garlick, Andrew Carvolth, Sam Cameron, Tim Wallace and Christine Atkins.

Image: S K E E H A N, KI – CHAIR. Photograph: Courtesy of SKEEHAN

Gallery:   Resonant Objects: Moraig McKenna

Moraig McKenna's solo exhibition, Resonant Objects, plays with ideas of function, design and form and how the act of making explores relationships between the object and the human body. McKenna's wood-fired porcelain vessels are uniquely marked, both in colour and texture, through wood firing and salt glazing. This technique further emphasises the traces of McKenna's hand craft process; the link between the hand of the maker and the hand of the user.

Crucible Showcase:   A Shoe Lace Accessory – April Phillips

Working predominantly with leather, April Phillips sets herself apart from the fashion industry through an artistic and symbolic focus on her bespoke shoes. This exhibition features a series of leather objects which have been created to adorn existing footwear worn in everyday situations. Easily attached with a pair of age-old shoe laces, these small leather pieces celebrate the possibilities of adaption. In a time when close to all the shoes worn are mass produced in offshore factories, the quality of these leather objects serves to define our individuality and reunite us with the handcraft practice.

Image: April Phillips; 'Imaginary Happenings of Hospitalfield' series, Thieving Crows (side view), 2013; hand carved vegetable tanned leather, paint; stain; pigskin; cotton, rabbit fur; gold foil; Dimensions variable. Photo by Alyssa Evans