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Thursday 6 November to Saturday 20 December 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 6 November 2014

Gallery:   DESIGN Canberra Exhibition

Inspired by Canberra's innovative design sector, the DESIGN Canberra exhibition is a celebration Canberra's vibrant and diverse design community. The exhibition will launch Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's inaugural DESIGN Canberra festival in November. Stay tuned for more information. To learn more about the festival, visit our events blog.

Image: S K E E H A N, KI – CHAIR. Photograph: Courtesy of SKEEHAN

Gallery:   Moraig McKenna

Moraig McKenna is a skilled ceramicist working primarily with Anagama style kilns and unglazed porcelain surfaces. McKenna is drawn to the juxtaposition involved with firing porcelain, a traditionally precious and often fragile material, in such an overtly physical and dramatic process as long Anagama wood firing. The result of this process allows McKenna to achieve a broad range of surface colours and textures. Her wood fired porcelain vessels will explore ideas of function, form, utility and space and how domestic utilitarian vessels relate to the human body. Marks of McKenna's making process are left evident on the surfaces of her work and the wood firing process further highlights these marks. For McKenna these marks become a record of the making process that forms a link between the hand of the maker and the hand of the user.

Crucible Showcase:   Being a Human Being – April Phillips

April Phillips is an Australian artist working predominantly with leather, setting herself apart from the fashion industry through a particularly artistic and symbolic focus on her bespoke shoes. Phillips' leatherwork articulates her interest in form and function, and the melding of these to reach the viewer of art in new ways. This exhibition features her most recent work: a series of shoes adorned with hand illustrated, carved and painted imagery, that serve to explore that which which explore how the objects we use in our everyday lives shine a light on our history, who we are and what it means to be a 'human being'.

Image: April Phillips; 'Imaginary Happenings of Hospitalfield' series, Thieving Crows (side view), 2013; hand carved vegetable tanned leather, paint; stain; pigskin; cotton, rabbit fur; gold foil; Dimensions variable. Photo by Alyssa Evans