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Exhibitions: Now showing and upcoming

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Thursday 12 February to Saturday 28 March 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 12 February 2015

Gallery 1:   Emerging Contemporaries

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre curates an exhibition series Emerging Contemporaries, which showcases graduating students and emerging artists and practitioners across the craft and design spectrum that are making bold strides into the professional sphere.

Craft ACT is committed to supporting professional development of emerging artists and in previous years, this exhibition has included the work of outstanding art and design graduates from the Australian National University (ANU) School of Art, the University of Canberra, the Canberra Institute of Technology, Sturt School for Wood, Charles Sturt University and Design Centre Enmore.

2015 Emerging Contemporaries; René Linssen, Adrian Olasau, Rohan Goradia, Zoe Brand, Richilde Flavell, Marina Hanser, Chelsea Lemon, Jasmine Targett, Sarah Murphy and Kelly Austin.

Gallery 2:   Portraits of a Tea Cosy – Incoming touring exhibition

Inspired by the revival of the 'handmade', Portraits of a Tea Cosy brings together social history, craft, photography and sculpture using the humble tea cosy as a vessel to evoke nostalgic memories and deep familial love.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy consists of photographs, audio stories and knitted objects that were inspired during a series of story gatherings and workshops held during 2012. The exhibition explores stories of family and friendship in the unselfconscious joy of owning something quirky. Visit the Portraits of a Tea Cosy website for more information about this wonderful travelling exhibition.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian state and territory governments and by Arts Queensland in the Department of Science, Information and Technology, Innovations and the Arts.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy has also been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy is a travelling exhibition developed by Warwick Art Gallery and toured by Museum and Gallery Service Queensland.

Crucible Showcase:   Reminiscences – Mi-Kyung Myung

Craft ACT Member and paper artist Mi-Kyung Myung has created a series of small scale paper compositions inspired by traditional Korean craft techniques. Geometry and colour play an important role in expressing her contemporary interpretations of these traditional craft techniques together with her western influences.


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Thursday 9 April to Saturday 16 May 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 9 April 2015

Gallery 1:   Bogs and Fens – Craft ACT Artist-in-Residence

Building on the 2014 artist-in-residence program, Craft ACT hosted Satoshi Fujinuma (Japan), textile artist and Accredited Professional Member Sally Blake (Canberra), as well as weaver and sculptor Annee Miron (Melbourne) in the 2014 program.

This exhibition will present new works by the artists, responding to the theme of Bogs and Fens inspired by their residences at Gundgeby Ready-Cut Cottage in Namadgi National Park and at Nil Desperandum Homestead in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and through their focussed research at The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG).

The program is a Craft ACT initiative presented in partnership with long-standing partner, ACT Parks and Conservation Service and is supported by artsACT through their initiative, Arts Residencies ACT.

Gallery 2:   Subversive Botanica – Julie Bartholomew

Subversive Botanica explores one of the great wonders of Australia's landscape – its flowers, and more specifically, those that are disappearing. The rate of extinction of flora in Australia is faster than in other countries.

Bartholomew explores this by presenting vulnerable Australian flowers, hand-formed and aligned with objects alluding to chemistry equipment. Surfaces are inscribed with narratives referencing the flower's endangered status. An ambiguous relationship exists between these delicately rendered white porcelain flowers, that appear to be snap frozen in time, and the scientific apparatus that both confines and defines their existence.


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Thursday 28 May to Saturday 11 July 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 28 May 2015

Gallery 1 and 2:   Janet DeBoos: A Survey – Curated by Peter Haynes

The exhibition Janet DeBoos: A Survey examines the career of internationally renowned ceramicist Janet DeBoos from the late 1970s to 2015, bringing together DeBoos' life work in an important exhibition and publication. The artist has a major international reputation yet this will be the first significant investigation of her work (both studio and production).

The exhibition will showcase DeBoos' stylistic developments and influences from her early years at the National Art School in Sydney through to her current studio work and ongoing investigations and partnerships with, for example, the Chinese porcelain industry.

The exhibition is guest-curated by Peter Haynes, who has over 35 years experience in curating, writing and arts administration and is one of Australia's highly-acclaimed curators and commentators of Australian ceramics.

Janet DeBoos: A Survey is a major component of the Australian Ceramics Triennale being hosted in Canberra in 2015. Following its Canberra showing Janet DeBoos: A Survey will tour to regional and metropolitan locations in South Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales, and Queensland (dependent on funding).


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Thursday 23 July to Saturday 29 August 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 23 July 2015

Gallery 1:   Embracing Innovation Volume 5

In 2015 Craft ACT will present the fifth instalment of the exhibition series, Embracing Innovation Volume 5, an exhibition showcasing innovation in the creative arts, with a particular focus on craft and design. Craft practitioners and designer makers are continually embracing digital technologies, research and design thinking, with innovation and advances in these areas changing the way they engage, design and create. The exhibition showcases makers and designers who are exploring these new cutting-edge technologies and thinking in their practice.

The exhibition is a selected group exhibition and will present work from artists and researchers from leading Australian and international research and academic institutions. Artists will be selected from a national and international call for expressions in interest which closes in March 2015.

Gallery 2:   Daylights – Michelle Day

Canberra artist and Craft ACT Member, Michelle Day is motivated by a strong interest in science and biology. Her work is influenced by medical imagery, the evolution and application of science and technology and the growth and structure of organic forms explored through her lighting installations. For her solo exhibition, Daylights, Day aims to aims to straddle the boundaries between the functionality and sculptural forms of lighting through experimenting with a range of light diffusing materials including paper, fabric, fiberglass, glass, woven materials and silicone.


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Thursday 13 September to Saturday 24 October 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 13 September 2015

Gallery 1:   Body Work: Australian Jewellery 1970–2010

Incoming touring exhibition curated by Dr Robert Bell, National Gallery of Australia.

The celebration of the local, the regional, the private and the personal, and the value of experience and memory, is territory that many contemporary designers and makers seek to articulate and make real. For them, the interpretation of the achievements of the past is both a technical and aesthetic challenge and a statement about the loss of value in mainstream culture.

Contemporary makers preside not only over the technical transformation of materials, such as silica to glass, clay to porcelain or digital signals to fabric, but also over the transformation of their meaning and value.

Body Work: Australian Jewellery 1970–2010 is a travelling exhibition from the National Gallery of Australia and includes the work of over thirty contemporary Australian jewellers. The exhibition is curated by Dr Robert Bell AM, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

Gallery 2:   Table Tools – Alison Jackson

Table Tools will present a new collection of tableware objects that are informed by Alison Jackson's current research and prototyping relating to the fusion of traditional silver smithing techniques with industrial processes.

Jackson is intrigued by the way people interact with their objects. How an object shapes a space, influences an environment and becomes part of an experience. Functional tactile objects, like tableware, can reinvent a space; dictate the way people behave and create a unique experience.


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Thursday 5 November to Saturday 19 December 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 5 November 2015

Gallery 1:   Ignite – Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member (APM) exhibition

Each year Craft ACT APM's are invited to participate in a curated group exhibition. Many local craft artists and designer makers are internationally renowned and form the rich vein of Canberra's cultural identity. This exhibition aims to showcase the strong, vibrant and highly skilled community of practitioners that represent the Craft ACT's Accredited Professional Membership.

Gallery 2:   Process – Tom Skeehan

Process is the first solo exhibition by Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member Tom Skeehan. The exhibition draws visitors into Skeehan's process driven design approach. The exhibition showcases the journey from sketch to polished product, incorporating production images, material samples and prototypes as well as personal drawings of both the studio and product collections.

Firmly embedded in Skeehan's design process is attention to the most compelling process and materials to match the vision of the given brief. Process translates the importance of the early ideation phase, through sketches, models and prototypes into an engaging physical reality.