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Thursday 24 July to Saturday 30 August 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 24 July 2014

Gallery:   Embracing Innovation Volume 4

In 2014, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre will present the fourth instalment of the exhibition series, Embracing Innovation Volume 4, an exhibition showcasing innovation in the creative arts, with a particular focus on craft and design. Craft practitioners and designer makers are continually embracing digital technologies, research and design thinking, with innovation and advances in these areas changing the way they engage, design and create. The exhibition showcases makers who are exploring these new areas of practice.

The exhibition is a selected group exhibition and will present work from artists and researchers from leading Australian and international research and academic institutions. Artists: Niklavs Rubenis; Stephen Barrass, Linda Davy and Joan Barrass; Blaide Lallemand and Michael Norris; Carlos Montana; Cecilia Heffer; Erica Seccombe; Robert Foster; Stephen Trathen; Eddi Piana; Carlos Montana; Bill Shelly and Dale Chapman. »Read more

Gallery:   Metamophosi – Kristel Britcher

In paying homage to the utilitarian history of glass blowing Kristel Britcher explores the traditional Italian glass processes of murrine and cane and the sculptural potential of the pattern making material. Britcher designs various utilitarian pieces with the idea that these traditional forms have in their own time evolved, with cane and murrine no longer being a pattern to be seen in a glass form but to become a form in itself. This body of work is a celebration of the evolutionary potential of sculptural glassmaking processes; independent structures, developing over generations into new hybrids of form and function, a new murrine aesthetic. »Read more

Crucible Showcase:   Material and Structure - Phoebe Porter

Phoebe Porter presents a series of works made from 2007–14 illustrating her ongoing preoccupation with material and structure in contemporary jewellery.

Demonstrating rigorous attention to details such as scale, proportion and surface finish, the works highlight Phoebe's ongoing interest in exploring industrial processes and mechanical parts, where each design is reduced to its necessary elements. Some of the designs use the fastening mechanism as a starting point, which then becomes integral to the design, while others employ geometric abstraction and bold colour. Connections and joins in the pieces are clearly expressed, highlighting the method of construction used in each design.

Uniting all the pieces is an underlying commitment to the structural elements of jewellery and the beauty inherent in each of the chosen materials. »Read more

Image: Phoebe Porter, Hidden Line necklace, photo: courtesy of the artist.


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Thursday 11 September to Saturday 25 October 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 11 September 2014

Gallery:   Awaken: Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member (APM) exhibition

Curated by Anne Radimin, Awaken will showcase the strong, vibrant and highly skilled community of practitioners that represent the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's Accredited Professional Membership. This group of artists are iconic to Canberra's artistic identity and are not only recognised locally, but nationally and internationally for producing unique craft and design pieces.

Artists: Anita McIntyre, Bev Hogg, Barbara Rogers, Dianne Firth, Judi Elliott, Kaye Pemberton, Linda Davey, Morgan James, Monique van Nieuwland, Nancy Tingey, Ruth Hingston, Sally Blake and Sarit Cohen, Alison Jackson, Rozlyn DeBussey, Margaret Brown, John Heaney, Luna Ryan, Nikki Main, Avi Amesbury, Elizabeth Paterson, Valerie Kirk, Belinda Jessup and Ximena Briceno.

Gallery:   Scantlings – Lesa Farrant

Lesa Farrant's solo exhibition Scantlings explores her fascination with detritus in the natural environment. Using plastic, rubbish and found objects taken from Port Willunga Beach, Farrant casts porcelain into moulds made from these found objects to create plant-like forms that represent the unnatural looking natural.

Crucible Showcase:   The Arid Zone – Cathy Franzi

Canberra Potters' Society Award Exhibition

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Canberra Potters’ Society Award Exhibition recipient. Cathy Franzi uses the ceramic vessel and surface imagery to evoke a botanical perspective on natural places. This work comes out of her recent experience of going into Central and Western Australian with artists from the Australian National University School of Art.


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Thursday 6 November to Saturday 20 December 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 6 November 2014

Gallery:   DESIGN Canberra Exhibition

Inspired by Canberra's innovative design sector, the DESIGN Canberra exhibition is a celebration Canberra's vibrant and diverse design community. The exhibition will launch Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's inaugural DESIGN Canberra festival in November. Stay tuned for more information. To learn more about the festival, visit our events blog.

Image: S K E E H A N, KI – CHAIR. Photograph: Courtesy of SKEEHAN

Gallery:   Moraig McKenna

Moraig McKenna is a skilled ceramicist working primarily with Anagama style kilns and unglazed porcelain surfaces. McKenna is drawn to the juxtaposition involved with firing porcelain, a traditionally precious and often fragile material, in such an overtly physical and dramatic process as long Anagama wood firing. The result of this process allows McKenna to achieve a broad range of surface colours and textures. Her wood fired porcelain vessels will explore ideas of function, form, utility and space and how domestic utilitarian vessels relate to the human body. Marks of McKenna's making process are left evident on the surfaces of her work and the wood firing process further highlights these marks. For McKenna these marks become a record of the making process that forms a link between the hand of the maker and the hand of the user.

Crucible Showcase:   Being a Human Being – April Phillips

April Phillips is an Australian artist working predominantly with leather, setting herself apart from the fashion industry through a particularly artistic and symbolic focus on her bespoke shoes. Phillips' leatherwork articulates her interest in form and function, and the melding of these to reach the viewer of art in new ways. This exhibition features her most recent work: a series of shoes adorned with hand illustrated, carved and painted imagery, that serve to explore that which which explore how the objects we use in our everyday lives shine a light on our history, who we are and what it means to be a 'human being'.

Image: April Phillips; 'Imaginary Happenings of Hospitalfield' series, Thieving Crows (side view), 2013; hand carved vegetable tanned leather, paint; stain; pigskin; cotton, rabbit fur; gold foil; Dimensions variable. Photo by Alyssa Evans