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Thursday 26 May to Saturday 9 July 2016

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 26 May 2016

Gallery:   Aesthetics in the Time of Emergency
Sarah Field, Jennifer Ashley King, Jasmine Targett, Nadia Mercuri, and Bethany Wheeler

Each artist is exploring an idea surrounding a current 'state of emergency' that impacts the individual and society collectively such as nuclear disasters and climate change issues. Primarily glass makers, all artists employ a combination of their craft, images, installations and techniques that bring these concerns to light in a gallery setting.

Gallery:   Niklavs RubenisCrafting Waste

Through practice-based design research and propositional objects, local artist Niklavs Rubenis addresses contemporary critical concerns around consumption, material culture and waste. Rubenis' exhibition features a 'lounge room' setting including furniture and lighting crafted from de-valued resources.

This exhibition is supported by Rolfe Classic BMW

Crucible Showcase:   Hsin-Yi Yang

Canberra Potters Society Craft ACT award winner Hsin-Yi Yang presents her interlocking ceramic objects with playful texture and colour that appeal to the child within.


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21 July to 27 August 2016

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 21 July 2016

Gallery:   Embracing Innovation Volume 6

The sixth in the series, Embracing Innovation, captures innovation in the creative arts, with a particular focus on craft and design. Craft practitioners and designer makers are continually embracing digital technologies, research and design thinking, with innovation and advances in these areas changing the way they engage, design and create. The exhibition showcases makers and designers who are exploring these new cutting-edge technologies and thinking in their practice.

James Mazengarb (Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's 2015 Emerging Contemporary Exhibition Award recipient, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra); Dr Guy Keulemans (Faculty of Art and Design, University of New South Wales); Dorothy Hardy (Advanced Textile Research Group, Nottingham Trent University, UK); BMW; Tamara Efrat (Industrial Design Department , Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem), Moran Mizrahi (School of Computer Science, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and Dr. Amit Zoran (School of Computer Science, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem); Jennifer Robertson (Independent Practitioner); Halie Rubenis (Independent Practitioner); Dr Yuko Kinoshita (School of Culture, History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific, the Australian National University) Dr Carlos Montana-Hoyos (Industrial Design Department, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra) and Sam Tomkins (Industrial Design Department, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra), Collaborators: Dr. Eddi Pianca, Dr. Stephen Trathen and Bill Shelley (University of Canberra), Professor Jiro Sagara, Sami Ben Fradj and Ali Kuanee Nejad (Kobe Design University, Japan); Mehrnoush Latifi (Faculty of Architecture and Design, RMIT), Dr Judith Glover (Faculty of Architecture and Design, RMIT) and Dr Stephen Barrass (Faculty of Digital Design and Media Arts, University of Canberra); Jenny Judge (Independent Practitioner, Canada)

Gallery:   Black Box: Life, walls and houses
Judi Elliott – a solo exhibition

Elliott graduated from the ANU School of Art Glass Workshop in 1984 and is one of Canberra's first glass graduates. She is a highly acclaimed artist, practicing in Canberra for over 30 years and has been an Accredited Professional Member of Craft ACT since 1999. This body of work is inspired by a description of one's life journey and is using Elliott's signature, technical glass styles of cast, cut, fused and assembled glass.


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8 September to 22 October 2016

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 8 September 2016

Gallery:   Wheelhouse
Group exhibition

Ruth Allen, Avi Amesbury, Stephen Barrass, Sally Blake, Sean Booth, Margaret Brown, Sarit Cohen, Linda Davy, Rozlyn DeBussey, Judi Elliott, Dianne Firth, Robert Foster, Cathy Franzi, Ruth Hingston, Alison Jackson, Elizabeth Kelly, Jeremy Lepisto, Nikki Main, Zeljko Markov, Elizabeth Paterson, Kaye Pemberton, Gilbert Riedelbauch, Barbara Rogers, Niklavs Rubenis, Harriet Schwarzrock, Tom Skeehan, Nancy Tingey, Belinda Toll and Monique van Nieuwland.

Gallery:   Grow your own
Amanda Dziedzic, Danielle Rickaby, Lauren Simeoni, and Melinda Young

Grow Your Own explores the idea of 'the greenhouse', an intimate indoor space providing a fertile background for four makers working in diverse mediums who cultivate, cross-pollinate and present exciting new works in a captivating environment. All the artists have a common love of the garden and the natural world which manifests into their aesthetic and conceptual practices.


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3 November to 17 December 2016

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 3 November 2016

Gallery:   Reclaim – Group exhibition

This exhibition features designer-makers who have risen to the challenge of presenting high end, functional and wearable objects created from waste materials. This exhibition speaks to issues of local sustainability and brings awareness to audiences of waste material being seen as a resource.

Reclaim features work by Sam Tomkins, Thor Diesendorf, Luke Laffan, Nadege Desgenetez, Simon Cottrell, Gilbert Riedelbauch, Joanne Searle, Corr Blimey and Dan Edwards.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with The Green Shed.

Gallery:   Moving forward, looking back
Scott Mitchell and Nicholas Fuller

An exhibition of work that reflects the separate paths taken after Fuller completed his training as an apprentice under Mitchell. Moving forward, looking back represents their understanding of the design and manufacture of furniture, from product through to limited collectable pieces.