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Friday 11 Sept to Saturday 24 Oct 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 10 September 2015

Gallery 1:   Bodywork: Australian Jewellery 1970–2010

Incoming touring exhibition curated by Dr Robert Bell, National Gallery of Australia.

The celebration of the local, the regional, the private and the personal, and the value of experience and memory, is territory that many contemporary designers and makers seek to articulate and make real. For them, the interpretation of the achievements of the past is both a technical and aesthetic challenge and a statement about the loss of value in mainstream culture.

Contemporary makers preside not only over the technical transformation of materials, such as silica to glass, clay to porcelain or digital signals to fabric, but also over the transformation of their meaning and value.

Bodywork: Australian Jewellery 1970–2010 is a travelling exhibition from the National Gallery of Australia and includes the work of over thirty contemporary Australian jewellers. The exhibition is curated by Dr Robert Bell AM, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

Gallery 2:   Table Tools – Alison Jackson

Table Tools will present a new collection of tableware objects that are informed by Alison Jackson's current research and prototyping relating to the fusion of traditional silver smithing techniques with industrial processes.

Jackson is intrigued by the way people interact with their objects. How an object shapes a space, influences an environment and becomes part of an experience. Functional tactile objects, like tableware, can reinvent a space; dictate the way people behave and create a unique experience.

Crucible Showcase:   Shoal – Mariella McKinley

Compositions of colour, pattern, texture and form harmonise Mariella McKinley's shell inspired glass sculptures. Skilled in the use of Italian glass blowing and cutting techniques, McKinley creates work that is instilled with subtle geometry and beautiful colours, evoking coral reefs and beachscapes. Shoal Sonnets showcases the artist's fascination with glass as a light-filled and versatile medium, and capitalises on its alluring properties.


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Thursday 5 Nov to Saturday 19 Dec 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 5 November 2015

Gallery 1:   discover define develop deliver – Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member (APM) exhibition

Coinciding with DESIGN Canberra, discover define develop deliver showcases the strong, vibrant and highly skilled community of practitioners that represent the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's Accredited Professional Membership. For this year's APM exhibition, each artist will display a signature piece alongside an item that will give viewers insight into the design and thought process behind the piece- whether it be a page from their sketchbook, an inspirational image/photo or written notes.

Featuring: Sally Blake, Ximena Briceno, Sean Booth, Margaret Brown, Lisa Cahill, Sarit Cohen, Simon Cottrell, Linda Davy, Judi Elliott, Dianne Firth, Caren Florance, Robert Foster, Cathy Franzi, Ruth Hingston, Bev Hogg, Eugenie Keefer Bell, Elizabeth Kelly, Valerie Kirk, Zeljko Markov, Gail Nichols, Elizabeth Paterson, Kaye Pemberton, Sharon Peoples, Kirstie Rea, Barbara Rogers, Niklavs Rubenis, Keiko Schmeisser, Harriet Schwarzrock, Amanda Stuart, Nancy Tingey, Kensuke Todo, Annie Trevillian and Monique Van an Nieuwland.

Gallery 2:   Thought - Process – Tom Skeehan

Thought - Process is the first solo exhibition by Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member Tom Skeehan. The exhibition draws visitors into Skeehan's process driven design approach. The exhibition showcases the journey from sketch to polished product, incorporating production images, material samples and prototypes as well as personal drawings of both the studio and product collections.

Firmly embedded in Skeehan's design process is attention to the most compelling process and materials to match the vision of the given brief. Thought - Process translates the importance of the early ideation phase, through sketches, models and prototypes into an engaging physical reality.