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Thursday 10 April to Saturday 17 May 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 10 April 2014

Gallery:   White Heat: contemporary Australian ceramic jewellery

Independent curator: Zara Collins

This exhibition investigates the current wave of contemporary Australian makers applying ceramic technologies to jewellery. In White Heat – the raw essence of the material is celebrated by each artist's unique interpretation of 'ceramic wearables'. Porcelain hollow ware, hand tinted beads, copper crocheted pendants and hand etched illustration – each artist's approach to ceramic jewellery is diverse: their sensibility, combination of materials and array of techniques will surprise and delight.

Artists: Prue Venables, Sarah Hudson, Pennie Elliot, Katherine Wheeler, Bridget Bodenham, Kris Coad, Nelia Justo, Zara Collins, Deirdre Hoban, Lia Tajcnar.

Gallery:   Prospect – Antonia Aitken

Antonia Aitken is fascinated by the alchemy of printmaking and has tried to find the innate qualities of the medium to communicate notions of time and place. Aitken's body of print-based work will explore three mining sites – the Hudson Valley in New York, the Hill End gold fields and the open cut copper and gold mines of Queenstown in Tasmania. Through a site-specific approach, Aitken will investigate the social and environmental questions about how we engage with 'country' in a post-colonial framework and translate this to her print-based work.

Crucible Showcase:   Curiosities - Jemima Parker

Curiosities is a collection of hand-printed three-dimensional textile objects that can be placed on the body as adornments, or viewed in a gallery setting as objects in their own right. The exhibition combines artist Jemima Parker's drawing practice with textile processes to explore the blurred boundaries between fashion and art.


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Thursday 29 May to Saturday 12 July 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 29 May 2014

Gallery:   Transplantation: a sense of place and culture

Curator: Professor Norman Cherry

An international touring exhibition from the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, of contemporary narrative jewellery by British and Australian artists.

A selected group of 12 contemporary jewellery artists from the UK and Australia were asked to create works which articulate the notion of Transplantation. The result is a showcase of the artists' skills and their personal interpretation of transplantation embodied through their unique and intriguing jewellery pieces. The exhibition aims to challenge visitors to view jewellery in a different way – not simply as something decorative to wear, but an eminently portable, wearable form of art with its own stories, histories, and metaphors.

Gallery:   Craft ACT Artist-in-residence exhibition

Artists: Michael Brennand-Wood and Ceretha Skinner

Building on the success of the 2012 artist-in-residence program, Craft ACT hosted renowned British textile artist Michael Brennand-Wood in 2013 as the first international artist in this program, as well as Ceretha Skinner, a contemporary textiles artist and the Centre's inaugural Indigenous artist-in-residence.

This exhibition will feature work by both artists, who completed their residencies at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage in Namadgi National Park in 2013. The artists will present new work which has been inspired by their time living in the Cottage.

The program is presented by Craft ACT in partnership with the Rural District Parks, Conservation and Land and supported by the ACTEW Corporation.

Crucible Showcase:   April Phillips

Details TBC.


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Thursday 24 July to Saturday 30 August 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 24 July 2014

Gallery:   Embracing Innovation Volume 4

In 2014, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre will present the fourth instalment of the exhibition series, Embracing Innovation Volume 4, an exhibition showcasing innovation in the creative arts, with a particular focus on craft and design. Craft practitioners and designer makers are continually embracing digital technologies, research and design thinking, with innovation and advances in these areas changing the way they engage, design and create. The exhibition showcases makers who are exploring these new areas of practice.

The exhibition is a selected group exhibition and will present work from artists and researchers from leading Australian and international research and academic institutions. Artists will be selected from a national and international call for expressions of interest which closes in March 2014.

Gallery:   Metamophosi (working title)

Artist: Kristel Britcher

In paying homage to the utilitarian history of glass blowing Kristel Britcher explores the traditional Italian glass processes of murrine and cane and the sculptural potential of the pattern making material. Britcher designs various utilitarian pieces with the idea that these traditional forms have in their own time evolved, with cane and murrine no longer being a pattern to be seen in a glass form but to become a form in itself. This body of work is a celebration of the evolutionary potential of sculptural glassmaking processes; independent structures, developing over generations into new hybrids of form and function, a new murrine aesthetic.

Crucible Showcase:   Phoebe Porter

Details TBC.


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Thursday 11 September to Saturday 25 October 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 11 September 2014

Gallery:   Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member (APM) exhibition

Each year Craft ACT Accredited Professional Members (APMs) are invited to participate in a curated group exhibition. Many local craft artists and designer makers are internationally renowned and form the rich vein of Canberra's cultural identity. This exhibition aims to showcase the strong, vibrant and highly skilled community of practitioners that represent Craft ACT's Accredited Professional Membership. As this exhibition will coincide with Floriade, it is proposed that the theme of this exhibition will focus on the vibrancy of Spring as a season of renewal and awakening.

Artists are yet to be confirmed. An invitation will be circulated to APMs in early 2014.

Gallery:   Scantlings – Lesa Farrant

Lesa Farrant's work in clay explores her fascination with detritus in our natural environment. Using plastic, rubbish and found objects from the beach in Port Willunga in South Australia, she moulds and casts porcelain to make plant-like forms to represent the unnatural looking natural.

Crucible Showcase:   Cathy Franzi

Canberra Potters' Society Award Exhibition

Each year the guest judge of the Canberra Potters' Society Members' exhibition awards a Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Crucible Showcase exhibition. The 2013 award showcases new work by ceramicist Cathy Franzi .


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Thursday 6 November to Saturday 20 December 2014

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 6 November 2014

Gallery:   BRAVOS: Ground breaking Spanish design

International touring exhibition

Spanish creativity and design are thriving and gaining international prestige. Still, design is a discipline that is barely well-known. However, it sparks curiosity and wherever it is exhibited, it astonishes and is appreciated. Curated by Spanish architect, Juli Capella, this exhibition aims to surprise the public by presenting 21 talented artists of the new Spanish design.

Artists: Antoni Arola, Martín Azúa, Nacho Carbonell, Curro Claret, CuldeSac, díez+díez diseño, El Último Grito, Emiliana Design, Luis Eslava, Guillem Ferran Joan, Martí Guixé, Jaime Hayón, Lagranja, Ernest Perera, Diego Ramos, Mario Ruíz, Héctor Serrano, Stone Designs, Ramón Úbeda, Patricia Urquiola.

Gallery:   Moraig McKenna

Moraig McKenna is a skilled ceramicist working primarily with Anagama style kilns and unglazed porcelain surfaces. McKenna is drawn to the juxtaposition involved with firing porcelain, a traditionally precious and often fragile material, in such an overtly physical and dramatic process as long Anagama wood firing. The result of this process allows McKenna to achieve a broad range of surface colours and textures. Her wood fired porcelain vessels will explore ideas of function, form, utility and space and how domestic utilitarian vessels relate to the human body. Marks of McKenna's making process are left evident on the surfaces of her work and the wood firing process further highlights these marks. For McKenna these marks become a record of the making process that forms a link between the hand of the maker and the hand of the user.

Crucible Showcase:   Exhibition TBC

Artists will be selected from a national call for expressions of interest which closed in November 2013.