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Accredited Professional Membership Guidelines Package

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About the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's Accredited Professional Membership (APM) Program

Contemporary craft and design in Canberra is a diverse and vibrant field. The number of successful craft and design practitioners that have an international and national reputation is above average for a population of the size of the ACT and demonstrates the extraordinary strength of this local sector.

To further awareness of local contemporary craft artists and designers Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre runs a program titled the Accredited Professional Members. This program promotes professionalism, excellence and innovation in craft and design. Recognising respected artists, designer/makers and younger professionals, who demonstrate a high standard of artistic and technical skills. The Accredited Professional Members strengthen Craft ACT ensuring that the organisation meets the same standards of professionalism and provides quality services.

Joining this strong community of leaders in their fields, conceptually, materially and technically, means you are contributing to Canberra's national reputation for contemporary craft and design in Australia. An intergenerational community with a pool of knowledge extending back to the 1970's, each new member builds upon this history to create a strong arts future.

Accreditation is reviewed every five years, offering flexibility in this Craft ACT membership. It accommodates life changes and provides opportunity for self assessment. The review process is an opportunity to update professional information held by Craft ACT, thereby sharing current artistic practices with broad audiences via the reach of a grass roots and connected organisation, which acts as an enabler for the arts.



  1. That the Accredited Professional Membership includes a diverse and rich group of inter-generational artists and designers.
  2. That the Craft ACT Accredited Professional Membership recognises professional contemporary practice through a process of peer assessment.
  3. That individuals included in this membership demonstrate excellence and innovation in their field
  4. That individuals included in this membership inspire audiences and other artists.
  5. That Craft ACT provides a targeted program of promotion and marketing that enhances the visibility of the accredited members to local, national and international audiences.
  6. That through the Craft ACT Accredited Professional Membership program Canberra is recognised as a hub for contemporary craft and design.
  7. That the accredited members participate in the programs offered and work with the staff and Management Committee of Craft ACT to develop opportunities.



(Benefits may vary from year to year)

Discount in Craft ACT Shop

APMs receive a 10% discount on purchases in the Craft ACT Shop.

Discount at Craft ACT ticketed events

APMs receive a 10% discount off full-priced tickets to Craft ACT events.

Complimentary Collector's Brooch

APMs renewing or joining will receive a complimentary brooch, created by one of the Centre's member artists or collectives. Each year, a different craft practitioner, designer or collective is commissioned to create a signature brooch for the membership program.

Group Liability Insurance

A Group Liability Insurance package is included in the price of your annual membership fee. A full breakdown can be seen under the Group Insurance Liability Package on pages 5 - 7 of the APM Guidelines Package. Please be sure that you understand the scope of the insurance cover offered under your Accredited Professional membership.

APM Exhibition, Programs and One-off Projects

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre supports its practicing APMs through its annual, artistic program.


Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre informs APMs of exhibitions, programs and industry news through its electronic newsletters and communications. This includes the monthly newsletter, E-Box, invitations to exhibition openings and events as well as Craft ACT Retail News. APMs also receive the APM News which highlights relevant information about the sector and valuable, upcoming opportunities.

Member's Login Section of the Website

The Member's login section of the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre website allows APMs to update their account details and online portfolio, as well as renew membership and access messages sent via the portfolio ‘Leave a message' service.

Professional Development

Craft ACT Annual Fundraising Event

Each year members are invited to supply works for sale in the annual fundraising event. The event draws family and friends, supporters, patrons and members together with delectable food, local wine, music and entertainment.

Website Global Promotion and Marketing

APM Portfolio
The APM portfolio pages are an invaluable resource for collectors, galleries, writers and other art professionals to access your work and connect artists with commissions, exhibitions, public programs, workshops and lectures. These pages attract local, national and international audiences. Many APMs use Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's website as their primary on-line presence, referring enquiries to their portfolio for easy access to their professional details.
APM Calendar
An online calendar of events exclusively showcasing APMs is published on the website and promoted through Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's monthly newsletter, E-box and through various networks. Information for the calendar can include residencies, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, awards or grants.
Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre publishes selected articles written about APMs on the website and invites members to submit articles for consideration.

Promotional Materia


We promote our APMs through the use of professional high-quality images provided to us. This includes printed advertising such as Craft Arts International magazine and promotional material such as postcards. We invite our APMs to provide us with a selection of images that can be used for these purposes.

Voting rights

All APMs may vote at the Annual General Meeting.


Assessment process

Applicants must be financial ordinary members of the organisation before submitting an application.

Applications are advised to read through all the information on the APM Program and if necessary to contact Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre before submitting an application. Applicants are also encouraged to view the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre website and view profiles of existing accredited members.

Applications for accreditation will be assessed by the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Accredited Professional Member Sub-committee. The application will be assessed against the requirements set out below and accompany each application with the appropriate and signed cover sheet. Upon satisfying these requirements your accreditation will be recommended to the Craft ACT Management Committee to become an Accredited Professional member of Craft ACT.

Calls for applications are announced through the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's e-box newsletter and the number of application rounds may vary from year to year.


Accreditation requirements

Criteria for Accreditation
Length of Accreditation
Requirements First Time Accreditation (digital format only)
Requirements Accreditation Review (digital format only)


Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Accredited Professional Member Insurance Package

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre has secured through Local Community Insurance Services an insurance package for Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Accredited Professional members. The insurance cover is part of the Accredited Professional membership fee, providing Accredited Professional members with professional insurance at a heavily reduced rate, which would not normally be available to individuals through usual insurance channels.

This policy is intended to cover the activities of the craft, design and visual art practitioner as an individual, primarily as an occupier of a studio or workshop, as an exhibitor at galleries and other locations, or where commissioned to produce and install a work of art, including public art. Please ensure you check that the insurance package covers all of your needs before cancelling any existing insurance you may have.

Public & Products Liability Insurance Limit - $20,000,000
The Public Liability aspect of this policy will protect you from any person who makes a claim against you for bodily injury or property damage caused by a negligent action on your part while the Products Liability aspect covers you for bodily injury or property damage caused by a fault in the products you have made.
Professional Indemnity Limit - $5,000,000
This will protect you from any person who makes a claim against you for bodily injury or property damage from the provision, production or tendering of art works.
Tenants Liability Limit - $20,000,000
Tenants Liability will protect you from claims made against you for any damage that you negligently cause to any property that you are renting for example shopping centre's, studios or galleries.
Goods in Care, Custody or Control Limit - $100,000
This will protect you from claims arising from other people's goods which are in your control which you negligently lose or damage. Note that this extension does not cover you for the loss or damage of your own goods.

The Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Accredited Professional member insurance policy will also cover any legal costs authorized by the insurer in defending claims brought against you in the areas covered above, and this is probably the most important part of the policy. Whilst you may be perfectly innocent of a claim brought against you, you will incur legal fees in defending the case, and without a liability to protect you, this could amount to many thousands of dollars.

Insurance Enquiries and Certificate of Currency

If you would like general information about your insurance cover, including the insurance policy (also known as the Broadform Liability), visit: (go to the Broadform Liability Insurance Policy).

If you require a Certificate of Currency as proof of your insurance, please contact Local Community Insurance Services on 1300 853 800 / (08) 8235 6480


The following insurance extensions are automatically available to Accredited Professional members:

Cover for Accredited Professional members as sub-contractors

The Accredited Professional members policy automatically provides indemnity to Principals in respect to work carried out by the Accredited Professional member for the Principal.

Cover for Accredited Professional members who use Sub-contractors:

** Definition: A Sub-contractor is a person called in by a Principal to carry out work that is within the expertise of the Principal and would normally be carried out by him/her.


The Accredited Professional members' insurance policy automatically provides cover in respect to the artist teaching their craft or passing on their professional skills. However, this policy is not intended as a cover for regular classes but rather for occasional sessions, where not more than six (6) classes are conducted per annum, where up to ten (10) persons are taught in any one class.*

*Artists may also be contracted to undertake an Artist in Residence program at either state or private schools for a period of a school term or so. This may involve attending school activities in order to pass on their professional skills. This activity is seen as a separate job to the teaching of classes by the artists in their own name and is not restricted to the six (6) classes per annum limitation.

Please Note:

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Accredited Professional members do not need to apply separately for the extensions listed above, however if the Accredited Professional member wishes to apply for further policy extensions, or they wish to exceed the limits of the policy, for example: teach twelve (12) classes per annum instead of six (6), it is necessary for the individual Accredited Professional member to make contact with Greg Naulty at Local Community Insurance Services for further information on 1300 853 800.

There may be additional charges for extensions to the standard insurance cover.

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre acknowledges the support and intellectual property of Craftsouth: Centre for Contemporary Craft and Design in the preparation of this package.


Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre Accredited Professional Members Insurance Package: The Fine Print

The insurance scheme arranged by Local Community Insurance Services on behalf of Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre is designed to give you protection against allegations of common law legal liability, in other words, persons issuing legal proceedings against you in the event of your negligence. The policy which has been affected covers Accredited Professional Members of Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre only, not all members. It is intended to cover Accredited Professional members as sole practitioners, but will allow cover where members employ others provided that there are no more than three persons involved in the business. The reason for allowing up to three people is in recognition of one off projects such as installing public art works. The insurer is QBE Insurance (Australia) Pty Ltd. It is a Broadform Public and Products Liability Insurance Policy with extension to provide Professional Indemnity cover.

The policy will only cover you for the activities of the craft or crafts detailed on your Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre membership application form.

The Public Liability section of the policy will protect you against any "Act of Negligence" on your part causing injury to the public or damage to their property. For instance, you may leave an item of equipment lying on the floor of your workshop in a gangway and not put it away because you are going to use it shortly. If a visitor then trips over that piece of equipment, you could possibly be held liable in a court of law. If you are held liable, the policy will pay for both the damages awarded and the costs involved in the case.

The Products Liability section of the policy will cover you against an "Act of Negligence" on your part caused by the manufacture or sale of your merchandise. For instance, a nail may come loose on an item you have made, or you may have failed to knock it in properly. If someone tears their clothes on that nail then you could be held liable to replace the item of clothing. Again the policy would answer to the claim in the same manner as in the previous paragraph.

Technically, to be negligent you must either have done something that a reasonable person would not do, or conversely, you must have failed to do something that a reasonable person would have done. A third party will not be able to claim against you merely because they were injured on your premises; it will be necessary for them to prove that their injury was caused by your negligence. The law in respect of manufactured products is different. In this case it is only necessary for the injured party to show that the injury was caused by your product or a product that you have sold to them. It is then your responsibility to prove that the injury was not caused by your negligence.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a liability policy is the cost of fighting a false claim made against you - provided these costs are approved by the insurance company prior to their being incurred. Many people think that they do not need a liability policy because they are very careful in everything that they do, and forget that people may try to claim against them even when they have not been negligent. This is one of the reasons that there are courts to decide these cases and lawyers to help you prove that you have not been negligent. The decision whether or not you have been negligent, and an injured party should be paid, rests with the insurance company and the court. You should never admit liability in any way, as it may prejudice your claim.

The scheme which Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre has arranged is not intended to be "all embracing". The policy will cover you against legal action taken against you, as described above, and against professional acts of negligence which result in bodily injury or property damage. This could include: advice that you may give to anyone on a professional basis, or any fault in the actual design of your product. It is virtually impossible to give instances in all cases, because each case will depend on the circumstances and these always differ. This brings us back to one of the most important reasons for liability insurance, the policy covers the costs of a claim made against you, provided that the claim falls within the terms and conditions of the policy, and that the insurance company agrees to those costs being incurred. To access the Public Liability insurance policy (also known as Broadform Liability), visit: (go to the Broadform Liability Insurance Policy). DISCLAIMER: Information contained in this outline should not be relied upon in lieu of legal advice on any particular case, transaction or matter.

For further information contact Greg Naulty, Local Community Insurance Services on (08) 8235 6444.