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Glass: Accredited Professional Members' portfolios

Ruth Allen

Installations My relationship with the material glass is the catalyst for the design science of my ideas. This symbiotic relationship between maker and material, technique and process allows the physical idea to come to fruition. Focused research has nurtured the scientific, theoretical and conceptual contribution to the development of m...

Lisa Cahill

"Lisa Cahill, treats the surface of glass as a canvas on which to 'paint' and etch abstract landscapes. The line between the built and natural environment is constantly suspended by the slightness of the figuration; as urban leitmotifs evaporate into ghostly vista's." writes Blanche Craig in Contemporary Glass. page 7 and 96-99, Black Dog Publishing, Lond...

Rozlyn de Bussey

Individuals in Australian studio glass have always challenged the notions of glass-making techniques, and have constantly experimented to broaden the possibilities available. Australian glass artists have not been constrained by centuries of structured tradition. I believe that we have been able to extract from these traditions and reinterpret new meaning...

Judi Elliott

I know what shape I am. I am a square. I often try to be round, but I am uneasy with it. Round slips away from you easily. Squares are positive and strong, you know where you are with a square. I have been working with architecture as my inspiration for many years. I am now focusing on the standing house and the wall. I find that each building or wall ...

Peter Nilsson

To me glass is the perfect medium for pictures. It works as a window, and if you make a sculpture, you can look at it, in to it and through it. When I work with animal figures I usually want to create the feeling of when something it watching you with the same curiosity as you do. In my design I often get my inspiration from a shape or colour in nature. ...

Kirstie Rea

My work explores the process for an artist of gathering - gathering ideas and inspiration. Always present but at times and in some places it is the sole focus and those are incredibly exciting times. In 2009 I participated in the Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage Residency*, Artists in Place, in the Namadgi National Park south of Canberra. It took ...

Luna Ryan

Ryan works on an intuitive basis. Personal and general stories are transformed into composite glass tableaux. The tableaux often feature abstracted figures, and at times are combined with vessels. More recently Ryan has been combining found objects and glass. Most recently Ryan started to recycle television screens. Usually she makes a quick sketch of...

Harriet Schwarzrock

Elementally, Schwarzrock's current body of work is derivative of singular cellular forms and their varying structures. The intrinsic complexity of growth and natural forms is a vast field from which Schwarzrock draws inspiration. She works with repetitive blown glass forms and stainless steel in order to create wall panels and larger sculptural forms, ena...

Belinda Toll

Belinda Toll is passionate about glass as a medium and using its intrinsic qualities to convey her ideas. She uses imagery and mixed media in conjunction with glass objects. Toll's previous work visually represented notions of memory. She uses the optical qualities of glass to convey the idea of memories; distorting and changing depending on how they ...