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Annie Trevillian

Annie Trevillian
Artist's statement

I am an independent artist based in Canberra with my own practice and exhibition profile working across a range of mediums, including textiles, paper and digital technologies. After a ten-month stint in remote and isolated South Australia in 2012-13, I came home to Canberra and experienced a gloriously saturated and intensely colourful springtime. Tree plantings in Canberra contribute to my sense of place. This celebration of colour and treescapes is my Canberra.

Much of my recently commissioned work has involved adapting archival materials and historical research into images and motifs that explore and interpret heritage sites and experiences. As project artist for What Still Remains in Gungahlin (2012) I drew upon the stories and lived experiences of people within a particular time and place. Community participation was a vital component of this project as well as the Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry project (2013). Participants took part in design and weaving workshops over 18 months. As the designer of the Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry I used my creative design skills to respectfully and sincerely honour the Canberra I am proud to call home. My grandparents first came to live in Canberra in 1921.

In 2014 I was commissioned to provide artwork for the foyer of Canberra’s Centenary Hospital for Women and Children (2014). Behind the glass is a playground where privacy was needed without blocking out too much light. I like how the digital print on vinyl blends with the real greenery behind and the bogong moths look like they are in the trees. You can look up and see real sky through the glass. In 2014 I collaborated with Canberra glass artist Mel Willis working between Megalo And Canberra Glassworks broadening the boundaries of Glass and Print. The balance of personal and commissioned artworks suits my way of working.

Recent work
What Still Remains: Remnants: Haystack
  • What Still Remains: Remnants: Haystack, 2012
  • Digital UV inks on voile
  • Dimensions: 200x 230cm
  • Photo: Annie Trevillian
Design for Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry
  • Design for Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry, 2012
  • Wool
  • Dimensions: 170 x 280cm
  • Photo: Annie Trevillian
Shaping Canberra: Parallel Universes
  • Shaping Canberra: Parallel Universes, 2013
  • Digital Print on Paper, digital print on voile
  • Dimensions: Dimensions variable
  • Photo: Steve Keough
  • Roundabout, 2013
  • Screenprint on paper
  • Dimensions: 56 x 76cm
  • Photo: Annie Trevillian

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children
  • Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, 2014
  • Digital print on glass
  • Dimensions: 267 x 496cm
  • Photo: Ross Buchanan
  • Glint, 2014
  • Glass, digital print
  • Dimensions: Dimensions variable
  • Photo: Adam McGrath

Annie Trevillian is an independent artist and designer with strong technical skills and experience in textiles design and printing including digital technologies. She has earned recognition for a place in the history and practice of printed textiles in Canberra from her involvement in all aspects of textile printing both as a practitioner and as an educator.

She has worked as a community artist, educator, freelance designer and practitioner. She taught in the ANU Textiles Workshop from 1992 – 2011. She has long been associated with Megalo Print Studio and Gallery as an access user, community project artist and board member.

Her research and development focuses on digital printing technologies informed by her knowledge of textiles traditions and technology. Since 2010 her commissioned work allows her to explore new technologies in collaboration with other designers. Commissions include Sydney Harbour YHA, Australian National University, ACT Health and the Legislative Assembly of the ACT.

Trevillian is represented in the National Gallery of Australia, ArtsACT, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Legislative Assembly of the ACT, National Library of Australia and State Libraries, Megalo Archive, RACV Print Collection and private collections in Australia and overseas.

Selected exhibitions
2015:   Buildup, Megalo Print Gallery - Canberra
2014:   GLINT, Canberra Glassworks - Canberraa, ACT
2013:   Shaping Canberra: Parallel Universes, ANU School of Art Gallery and Conference - Canberra
2013:   Roundabout, Megalo Print Gallery - Canberra
2013:   Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry exhibition, ACT Legislative Assembly - Canberra
2012:   Designed 2, ANU School of Art Gallery - adelaide, ACT
2011:   Uncontained: 40th anniversary of CraftACT, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2011:   Elements: fibre, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2010:   Embody-meant, Flinders University Art Museum - Adelaide
2010:   Print Big - Megalo 30 Year anniversary exhibition, Fitters Workshop - Canberra
2009:   Artcloth: Engaging New Visions, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery and touring - Sydney
2009:   Artwork, Staff exhibition, ANU School of Art Gallery - Canberra
2008:   Annie Trevillian: A Printing Life, Sturt Gallery - Mittagong, NSW
2008:   Momentum. 18th Tamworth fibre textile biennale 2008, Tamworth Regional Gallery and touring - Tamworth, NSW
2007:   Studio Pieces, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2006:   ANNIE TREVILLIAN: HANDPRINT: Design on fabric and paper; Selected Work, 1983-2006, Megalo Print Studio + Gallery - Canberra
2005:   25 x 25: 25 years of printing history, Megalo Print Studio + Gallery and MGnsw touring exhibition - Canberra
2004:   Bass Gardens Series, Fremantle Arts Centre - Fremantle, WA
Selected commissions/awards/grants
2014:   Centenary Hospital for Women and Children commissioned design for Zouki window
2014:   Glint project. Megalo, Canberra Glassworks and ANU Glass Workshop
2014:   Centenary Hospital for Women and Children commissioned design for foyer on glass
2014:   Glint residency. Megalo Print Studio and Galley and Canberra Glassworks
2013:   Centenary Hospital for Women and Children purchased screenprints on paper
2012:   Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry: designer and community artist
2012:   What Still Remains, Remnants: project artist. ACT Heritage Unit
2010:   Ursula Hall - Laurus wing, Artwork in metal for exterior
2009:   Sydney Harbour YHA, Digital design on canvas based on interpretation of artefacts
2009:   ANU School of Art library refurbishment, Digital design on textiles and glass
2008:   National Gallery of Australia purchased an artwork
2008:   Artist in Residence at Sturt Centre for Contemporary Australian Craft, Mittagong, NSW
2008:   ACT Legislative Assembly, Invitation to submit proposal for artwork
2007:   Canberra Critics Circle Award for Handprint exhibition and catalogue
2006:   Project Funding artsACT for catalogue
2006:   Printmaker in Residence Megalo Access Arts
2006:   Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO) Fellowship
2006:   Artist in Residence at Centre for Design and Printed Textiles, Montreal, Canada
2003:   Site and Soul Print portfolio ACT Government and ACT Legislative Assembly
1995:   artsACT Professional Development Grant
Selected publications
2015:   A Glimpse of Glint, Imprint. Summer, Collaborations, p17.
2013:   The Australian National University’s Inkjet Research Facility, Imprint. Autumn, p42
2013:   Shaping Canberra: the lived experience of a changing landscape catalogue, p46 - 7
2013:   American Tapestry Alliance online publication
2012:   The Arts Future of the Past, Art Monthly August p36 – 38
2011:   J. Ryder, Elements: fibre, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre
2010:   Embody-meant catalogue, Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide, SA p 17,19
2010:   Textile Fibre Forum, issue 3 no. 99, p 59
2007:   Textile Fibre Forum, Issue 1, no. 85, front cover, inside cover pp. 14
2006:   Annie Trevillian: HANDPRINT: Design on fabric and paper; Selected Work, 1983 - 2006, Solo catalogue
2006:   ANU - Kyoto Seika University Exchange, ANU Drill Hall (catalogue),
2005:   25 x 25, 25 years of printing history Megalo Gallery (catalogue),
2005:   de sign ed, ANU School of Art Gallery (catalogue),
2005:   Davis Salt, Material Matters, Materials Monthly, May 2005
2005:   Ann McMahon, get printed, artlook, 15, September 2005, p. 10


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