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Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown
Artist's statement

Porcelain is Margaret Brown's preferred medium; she is drawn to it for its pureness and translucency, with her creations possessing strong connections to early domestic forms.

Brown adds colour to the porcelain prior to throwing each piece, which adds to the essence of movement in each individual design. Colour is diffused externally and internally within each unique creation, inspired by the idea of capturing the movement of the clouds as they drift by.

Translucency of the porcelain has lead Brown to produce lamps which demonstrate her appreciation of the element of light. Brown's carved creations add depth and warmth, with light illuminating specific elements of the carved porcelain. The surrounding environment of her current residence inspires her translucent porcelain carved creations.

Brown's heritage was the inspiration behind her neriage creations, originating from the finery of her elders' talents. Neriage is a time consuming and creative talent of combining coloured porcelain log slices and joining them together to form a unique piece. On completion, this technique displays a purposefully coloured design on both the interior and exterior of the form.

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Recent work
After The Rain
  • After The Rain, 2011
  • Porcelain
  • Dimensions: Lg: 9 x 28cm Sm: 5 x 21cm
  • Photo: M. Brown
  • ,
  • Photo: Andrew Trousdell
  • ,
  • Photo: Andrew Trousdell
Bream in the Shadows
  • Bream in the Shadows, 2014
  • Porcelain
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 23cm x 10cm
  • Photo: M. Brown

  • ,
  • Photo: Andrew Trousdell
Flower Form
  • Flower Form, 2014
  • Porcelain
  • Dimensions: 21 x 10cm
  • Photo: M. Brown

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A Raku demonstration by Dorothy Hope in 1978 was the initial inspiration behind the decades of creations in clay by Margaret Brown. Following her early experimentations with the clay medium, Brown decided to attend a formal studio ceramics course in Kempsey, NSW. While attending the ceramics course, Brown established a production of saleable creations which were later in demand from local galleries and galleries throughout Sydney.

Brown moved to the scenic Bega valley with the desire to further refine her skills while working with the clay medium. The Australian National University School of Art was within three hours drive which enabled her to complete a Diploma in Visual Arts (Ceramics) and receive a Technical award upon completion of the course.

Brown attributes her talents and techniques to a multitude of talented artistic tutors who have shared their knowledge and skills freely at workshops which she has willingly attended.

Since Brown's graduation, her work has been in continual demand within the Bega valley and surrounding townships. She has developed a professional relationship with selected galleries and commercial outlets within the local region that exhibit and sell her perfected creations.

Selected exhibitions
2014:   Bega Art Awards, Bega Regional Gallery, NSW
2014:   Local Fire, Spiral Gallery - Bega, NSW
2014:   Awaking, Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2013:   Now and Then, Bega Regional Gallery, NSW
2013:   Lights Up, Spiral Gallery - Bega, NSW
2012:   Genesis, Bega Regional Gallery, NSW
2012:   Notations (solo), Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2011:   Bega Art Awards, Bega Regional Gallery, NSW
2011:   Uncontained, Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2010:   Bega Art Awards, Bega Regional Gallery, NSW
2009:   Candelo Crossing, The Crossing Gallery - Candelo, NSW
2008:   Essential, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2008:   Candelo Crossing, The Crossing Gallery - Candelo, NSW
2008:   Showcase show (tea sets), Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2008:   Essential, Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2007:   Out of the Box, Bega Regional Gallery - Bega, NSW
2006:   Art in the Street - Bega, NSW
2005:   Entertaining Porcelain, Spiral Gallery - Bega, NSW
2005:   Earth, Water, Fire, Tuggeranong Arts Centre Gallery - Tuggeranong, NSW
2004:   Surf to Snow, touring exhibition, Canberra; Bega, NSW; Cooma, NSW and Crookwell, NSW


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