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Linda Davy

Linda Davy
Artist's statement

Through the desperate and harsh soundscape surrounding me, a bird song penetrates through, making my heart sing with the memories of a childhood holiday, a trip to the river or a walk in the forest. Making art keeps me sane in the spaces that live, where it is an innate responsibility to nurture and keep whole, the home that I have created. The intersection of creativity, home and surrounds allows me to remain open to the joys of caring for, and remaining mindful of, our community and environment.

I choose to express my perceptions of what is at play in these two places through clay, because of its tactility and immediacy, predominantly through the form of birds, because they are a clear indicator of the health of our natural environment. They embody attributes such as self reliance, sociability, diversity in size and plumage, all things that are universally recognised. They also display enviable qualities such as flight, and are diverse and protean in nature perhaps because of the ever-changing world in which they need to survive.

Collaboration with other artists, scientists and community is a major part of my art practice. I see collaboration as an opportunity to expand and share knowledge of materials and possibilities, and a relief from the solitary space of the artist studio.

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Recent work
How can a dead bird sing?
  • How can a dead bird sing?, 2015
  • Handbuilt ceramic
  • Dimensions: 30cm X 14cm
  • Photo: Andrew Sikorsky
Stomping Grounds
  • Stomping Grounds, 2015
  • Handbuilt ceramic, engobe, stoneware, copper legs
  • Dimensions: 50 x 25cm
  • Photo: Andrew Sikorsky
On The Edge
  • On The Edge, 2015
  • Handbuilt ceramic, glaze, copper legs
  • Dimensions: 55 x 30cm
  • Photo: Andrew Sikorsky
Matching Shoe and Handbag
  • Matching Shoe and Handbag, 2010
  • ceramic, lustre, decals
  • Dimensions: life size
  • Photo: courtesy of the artist

Adelie Penguins
  • Adelie Penguins, 2010
  • ceramic, raku fired
  • Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 22cm
  • Photo: courtesy of the artist
Blue Wren
  • Blue Wren, 2010
  • ceramic, raku fured, copper legs
  • Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 6cm
  • Photo: courtesy of the artist

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Linda Davy has worked as an artist in Canberra for the past 27 years, completing a Masters of Ceramics and Sculpture at the Australian National University in 2012. Linda utilises her skills in the ceramics and textile mediums to create work that focuses on concerns about societal and personal connections with the natural environment. In her current practice she draws ideas from her natural surrounds to describe the plight of Australian fauna, often through the form of birds because they are a universally-recognised creature that encompass the ingredients of strength, fragility, beauty and sacredness.

Her work has been shown in exhibitions around Australia and accepted in to several prestigious ceramic awards including the Gold Coast Ceramic Award. Collaborations making interactive/reactive furniture have been presented at several new media exhibition overseas and in Australia including New Media Seoul and the National Gallery of Australia. Collaboration with other artists, scientists and community has been a focus in Linda's art practice, with several projects located in public buildings and an artwork purchased by MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart, Tasmania. Linda is a Professional Member of Craft ACT and a member of the Canberra-based groups Claybodies and WABA (Wildlife and Botanical Artists)

Selected exhibitions
2015:   Protean Claybodies, Nishi Gallery - Canberra
2015:   Artisans in the Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens - Sydney
2015:   Stomping Ground, Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2014:   WABA Wildlife exhibition, Discovery Centre Gallery, CSIRO - Canberra
2014:   Claybodies, Strathnairn Gallery - Canberra
2014:   Artisans in the Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens - Sydney
2014:   Embracing Innovations, Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2013:   Fashion Parade, The Canberra Show - Canberra
2013:   Spin, ANCA Gallery - Canberra
2012:   Ambience 11, University of Boras - Sweden,
2012:   Embracing Innovations, Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2010:   27th Gold Coast International Ceramic Award, The Arts Centre Gold Coast - Gold Coast, QLD
2010:   Vessel, Craft ACT Gallery - Canberra
2009:   Unravel, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
2009:   Touch, Macquarie University - Sydney
2009:   West with the Night, Gallery 12 Pialligo - Canberra
2009:   Exhibition, Artery Gallery - Mossy Point, NSW
2008:   Interior Exterior, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre - Canberra
Selected commissions/awards/grants
2015:   Norfolk Island Visitors Centre
2009:   Museum of Democracy commission
2009:   MONA, Hobart, Tasmania
2008:   Tuggeranong Arts Centre award
2005:   Childrens Week Award - outstanding contribution to art in school community
2000:   CAPO Travel Grant


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