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Tipping point: ACDC strategy for the future

Download Tipping point [1.8 MB]

Tipping point: ACDC strategy for the future, was developed by the
Australian Craft and Design Centres (ACDC) outlining the new developments for the Australian creative industries. It highlights the growth and success areas for the sector and presents case studies from programs delivered over the past four years.

ACDC has made 5 recommendations for the continued growth and support of the craft and design sector. The network has gathered statistics over the past four years and, economically, we have seen a 133% increase in total sales of craft and design product. We have also experienced a 34% increase in sponsorship support for craft and design programs indicating a growing interest in this area by the commercial sector.

Culturally the sector has attracted a 616% increase in national visitations to craft and design galleries. The audience interest is further reflected with a 37.5% increase in exhibitions toured nationally.

These figures, along with the case studies presented in Tipping point, reflect the outstanding contribution and return for investment made by the craft and design sector to the economic, cultural and social wealth of Australian society. They are clear indicators of the potential for future growth in the creative industries in Australia, and in Canberra.

Avi Amesbury
Executive Director
Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre



Tipping point: ACDC strategy for the future

Table of contents
  • Overview
  • Context
  • Statistics
  • Recommendations
    1. Core infrastructure
      • Supporting organisational sustainability
      • Engaging with digital technologies
    2. Creating the tipping point for artists
      • Fees for artists
      • Investing in new modes of operation
      • Indigenous craft and design
    3. Audience engagement: new generations
    4. Going global: growing international markets
    5. Environmental challenge
  • Addressing equity
  • Case Studies
    • Supporting artists
    • JamFactory, South Australia
    • Artisan, Queensland
    • Craftsouth, South Australia
    • Design Forum, Tasmania
    • Selling Yarns: Indigenous craft and design conferences
  • Innovation and design
    • Midland Atelier
    • F!NK: Fostering design
    • Craft Cubed
  • Innovation and new technologies
    • National online forums
    • Craft and design research
    • Online retail
    • Indigenous craft and design: a growth industry
    • Koskela and Indigenous weavers
    • Menagerie: the exhibition and its financial outcomes
    • Ngurra Kuju Walyja: the Canning Stock Route Project
    • Mamana Mamanta Gradual Friendship
  • Audience engagement: new generations
    • Cultivate
    • Trades
    • Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft
    • Artists in Place: Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage Residency
    • Australian Contemporary Initiative
    • White Hot: contemporary Australian glass
  • Australian Craft and Design Centres

  • Download Tipping point [1.8 MB]


    Banner image:
    Jon Goulder, Oh La La dining chairs (detail), 2009, part of FORM's 11.12 Furniture by Jon Goulder exhibition. Photograph: Michelle Taylor. Photographed in Midland Atelier, Perth.

    Images (top to bottom):

    1. Front cover of Tipping point: ACDC strategy for the future, 2010. Image credit: Jon Goulder, Glissando Credenzas, 2009, American Black Walnut and Rock Maple. Photograph: Michelle Taylor. Photographed at Midland Atelier, Perth, for FORM's 11.12 Furniture by Jon Goulder exhibition.
    2. Cinnamon Lee, Noughts + Crosses ring, 2009, 925 silver. Photograph: courtesy of the artist.
    3. David Pottinger, Pair of Neriage Tea bowls, 2007. Photograph: Andrew Barcham.
    4. Retail Shop, JamFactory. Photograph: Grant Hancock.
    5. Mark Bishop, Business Card Box, 2010. Winner 'Chain Of Custody', 2010 Tasmanian Design Award.