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Reviews and essays

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An index of all our published reviews and essays.

Title: Talking Water     by Maurice O'Riorden     4 April 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Talking Water

How does water 'talk'? With what language does it communicate and how do four visual artists interpret or articulate its lingo? The 'talking' in Talking Water, the latest iteration of Craft ACT: Carft and Design Centre's annual Designing a Capital: Crafting a City initiative (begun in 2007), may be read in both a verbal and adjectival sense: 'talking' as in 'to talk about' water; and 'talking' to signify water as the active 'speaker'. Both senses are in fact active as indeed the overall project activates awareness of water, and of Canberra's protected waterways in particular, as an increasingly vital commodity and subject within current ecological and artistic discourse.

Title: Life In Yours Hands     by Robyn Daw     4 April 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Life In Yours Hands

The relationship between a community and its immediate environment is, at best, balanced and robust: communities demonstrate resilience, cope with adversity and, by necessity, must accommodate change. However, when change occurs for the worst, people can become disempowered and separated from the very place perceived as home. Physical and mental health may be affected: the result of an accumulation of adverse conditions. This phenomenon has been identified and named as solastalgia by Professor Glenn Albrecht. Effectively this is a condition of homesickness experienced without leaving home.

Title: Development of Women with Clever Hands     by Louise Hamby     12 February 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Women with Clever Hands Exhibition     Read Development of Women with Clever Hands

The fibre exhibition, Women with Clever Hands: Gapuwiyak Miyalkurruwurr Gong Djambatjamla is a product of my working over a period of fifteen years with women from the Aboriginal community of Gapuwiyak in eastern Arnhem Land.

Title: Notations - Margaret Brown     by Janet DeBoos     1 November 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Notations - Margaret Brown     Read Notations - Margaret Brown

In calling her current body of work Notations, rather than Writings or Language or Text, Margaret Brown has made connections between the ceramic object and even broader fields of cultural experience. The idea of notations as a specialised system of symbols or marks that communicate information is commonly associated with music or mathematics.

Title: Domestic Renewal     by Rohan Nicol     1 November 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Gallery exhibition     Read Domestic Renewal

The work created for Domestic Renewal is not intended to constitute a complete setting for your standard dinner party. Instead,the objective was to use the table setting as a location, starting point and metaphor for the testing of ideas that are important within and beyond the creative arts.

Title: Urban Forest - Dianne Firth     by Sharon Peoples     7 September 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Urban Forest - Dianne Firth     Read Urban Forest - Dianne Firth

Dianne Firth's exhibition, Urban Forest, explores the street trees of Canberra and their impact in forming the city's urban character. Urban Forest is an assemblage of textiles examining street trees, at the street level.

Title: afterLandscape     by Diana Hare     6 September 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read afterLandscape

In 2009 and 2010 Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre managed an international exchange project with the Tree Museum in Canada. The project has established links between Australia and Canada, offering a unique encounter of each countries landscape, environment and place, and highlighting the diversity of artistic practice in an international context.

Title: Foodjects: design and the new Spanish cuisine     by Martín Azúa     20 July 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Foodjects: design and the new Spanish cuisine

Spanish chefs understand cuisine as a language, a means of expression using the new culinary technologies to arouse sensations and emotions. Daring initiatives which leave no-one indifferent, which provoke discussion and debate.

Title: Signature     by Diana Hare     19 July 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Signature

Many local craft artists and designer makers are internationally renowned and form the rich vein of Canberra's cultural identity. Signature showcases the strong, vibrant and highly skilled community of practitioners that represent the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's Accredited Professional Membership.

Title: Embracing Innovation Volume 2     by Mitchell Whitelaw     24 May 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Embracing Innovation Volume 2     Read Embracing Innovation Volume 2

Greg Daly's lustrous glazes owe their shimmer to the nano-scale phenomenon of diffraction. Layers of crystalline material within the glaze reflect and scatter light of different colours in different directions; when these reflections interact just so, they interfere. Light waves are reinforced or suppressed like ripples in a pond; they cancel out and intensify each other, creating patterns and forms that don't belong to the pot, the crystalline glaze, or the light, but to all three at once. Differences vibrate and interact with each other; dynamic new things arise. The same is true, in fact, of all the works here.

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