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Reviews and essays

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An index of all our published reviews and essays.

Title: The (Very) Sad Fish-lady     by Vasiliki Nihas     5 September 2013    
A Migration Tale
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read The (Very) Sad Fish-lady

The (Very) Sad Fish-lady by Joy McDonald is a humorous and quirky tale based on the artist's family and their migration from Greece from an island called Castellorizo (also known as 'the rock') to Canberra. Craft ACT's exhibition showcases the process behind bringing this tale to life, which culminated in a series of performances at The Street Theatre in September and October 2013. In this essay, Vasiliki Nihas delves into the creative process behind The (Very) Sad Fish-lady, as well as the contextual impact of Castellorizo as a place of importance to both the artist, Nihas, and the loyal inhabitants of the island.

Title: Embracing Innovation: Vol 3 - 2013     by Patsy Hely     19 July 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Embracing Innovations Vol. 3 - 2013     Read Embracing Innovation: Vol 3 - 2013

This is Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre's third annual Embracing Innovation exhibition showcasing practice-led research in the creative arts with a particular focus on craft and design.

Title: The Side Project     by Grace Cochrane     18 July 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read The Side Project

The Side Project exhibition, held at Craft ACT : Craft and Design Centre in July 2013, showed examples of innovative serving dishes made by Sydney-based, Peruvian-born Cesar Cueva in response to the work of chef and restaurateur Karl Firla, from the Sydney restaurant, Oscillate Wildly. In this essay, Grace Cochrane discusses the history of The Side Project, from the beginning of the collaboration through to the finalized exhibition, and explores the intricate relationship between design and food, as we see it through Cueva's work.

Title: Inhabit - Living in design     by Richard Wood     18 June 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Gallery     Read Inhabit - Living in design

Canberra is a design laboratory, always new, always in the present. Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre continues this tradition by curating an exhibition with objects from our Accredited Professional Members that inhabit our homes and define the spaces we live in.

Title: Reforestation: how to make a tree from a chair     by Anne Brennan     23 May 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Gallery     Read Reforestation: how to make a tree from a chair

I am standing in an unlikely grove. The branches of one tree are raised stiffly skywards, sprouting rigid, spear-shaped leaves at regular intervals. The elaborate ridged bole of another tapers upwards to terminate in a crown of heavily stiff and formal-looking foliage. Yet another looks like a spindly, unstable tower of untamed growth, its branches sprouting from unexpected places, as though it has been badly pruned or attempting to regenerate after a bushfire.

Title: Off the Square     by Peter Haynes     8 May 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Off the Square

This essay accompanies an exhibition of the same name curated by the present writer and held at the Belconnen Arts Centre (10 May to 26 May 2013). It is one of a number of special events developed by Craft ACT to celebrate Canberra's centenary year. The exhibition showcases recent works by 9 artists - Leonie Andrews, Paul Dumetz, Myles Gostelow, Trenna Langdon, Moraig McKenna, Peter Minson, Vicki Passlow, Rozalie Sherwood and Kate Ward. These artists work across a range of media including ceramics, glass, textiles and wood. This essay offers brief introductions to the artists and some of their works.

Title: Talking Water     by Maurice O'Riorden     4 April 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Talking Water

How does water 'talk'? With what language does it communicate and how do four visual artists interpret or articulate its lingo? The 'talking' in Talking Water, the latest iteration of Craft ACT: Carft and Design Centre's annual Designing a Capital: Crafting a City initiative (begun in 2007), may be read in both a verbal and adjectival sense: 'talking' as in 'to talk about' water; and 'talking' to signify water as the active 'speaker'. Both senses are in fact active as indeed the overall project activates awareness of water, and of Canberra's protected waterways in particular, as an increasingly vital commodity and subject within current ecological and artistic discourse.

Title: Life In Yours Hands     by Robyn Daw     4 April 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Life In Yours Hands

The relationship between a community and its immediate environment is, at best, balanced and robust: communities demonstrate resilience, cope with adversity and, by necessity, must accommodate change. However, when change occurs for the worst, people can become disempowered and separated from the very place perceived as home. Physical and mental health may be affected: the result of an accumulation of adverse conditions. This phenomenon has been identified and named as solastalgia by Professor Glenn Albrecht. Effectively this is a condition of homesickness experienced without leaving home.

Title: Development of Women with Clever Hands     by Louise Hamby     12 February 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Women with Clever Hands Exhibition     Read Development of Women with Clever Hands

The fibre exhibition, Women with Clever Hands: Gapuwiyak Miyalkurruwurr Gong Djambatjamla is a product of my working over a period of fifteen years with women from the Aboriginal community of Gapuwiyak in eastern Arnhem Land.

Title: Notations - Margaret Brown     by Janet DeBoos     1 November 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Notations - Margaret Brown     Read Notations - Margaret Brown

In calling her current body of work Notations, rather than Writings or Language or Text, Margaret Brown has made connections between the ceramic object and even broader fields of cultural experience. The idea of notations as a specialised system of symbols or marks that communicate information is commonly associated with music or mathematics.

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