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Reviews and essays

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An index of all our published reviews and essays.

Title: Reminiscences and Reflections     by Sally Blake     11 February 2016    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: 2016 exhibition by Mi-Kyung Myung    
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In her exhibition Reminiscences and Reflections Mi-Kyung Myung is exploring and bringing together her experiences of living in both East Asian and Western Cultures, in Korea and Australia. She draws on landscape, architecture and traditional Korean craft practices for inspiration and has used handmade Korean papers to weave, stitch and knot three series of work.

Title: Reforestation: how to make a tree from a chair     by Anne Brennan     23 May 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Gallery    
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I am standing in an unlikely grove. The branches of one tree are raised stiffly skywards, sprouting rigid, spear-shaped leaves at regular intervals. The elaborate ridged bole of another tapers upwards to terminate in a crown of heavily stiff and formal-looking foliage. Yet another looks like a spindly, unstable tower of untamed growth, its branches sprouting from unexpected places, as though it has been badly pruned or attempting to regenerate after a bushfire.

Title: Reflection     by Yolande Norris     12 August 2010    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: 2010 exhibition by Simon Maberly    
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Over the last decade Simon Maberley's work has focused on figurative sculptures in glass, with occasional forays into more cerebral aspects of his practice. His latest work warrants the experimental moniker but this is perhaps a hasty label. While he appears to have taken a bold direction that may come as a surprise to some, Maberley is clear that he remains on much the same path as ever, divergent yet in happy parallel to his practice as an object maker.

Title: Prospect     by Maurice O'Riordan     11 April 2014    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition    
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Prospect explores the environmental impact of mining combined with the personal sense of loss the artist felt while exploring the site of Queenstown in Tasmania. In this essay Maurice O'Riordan discusses Antonia Aitken's connection to place and the environment in her work.

Title: Parallels     by Dr Sharon Peoples     22 February 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: 2012 solo exhibition by Barbara Rogers    
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In her installation, Parallels, Rogers explores the diversity and such language of graphic pattern of stripes through contemplating formalist notions such as colour, light and shadow, and open and closed structures, juxtaposing positive with negative, bound with unbound, dyed with plain in the textiles she creates.

Title: Paradox in a Paddock     by Zsuzi Soboslay     5 September 2013    
The art of synecdoche
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition    
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In Paradox in a Paddock: The art of synecdoche, artist Elizabeth Paterson constructs a cardboard, and papier-mache installation that recreates the Canberra landscape in a unique and playful way, forcing the audience to consider questions of designed cities, and the element of spaciousness that is so integral to Canberra. In this essay, Zsuzsanna Soboslay explores the artist's practice with reference to past works, and discusses the impact of this exhibition on the viewer.

Title: Painting the Hills of Canberra     by Patsy Hely     1 November 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition    
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Cathy Franzi's exhibition Painting the Hills of Canberra explores Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin's vision to revegetate the hills of Canberra each in a unique colour, through the medium of ceramics. In this essay, Dr Patsy Hely examines this reimagining of the Griffin's dream, and explores the artist's research and techniques.

Title: Off the Square     by Peter Haynes     8 May 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition    
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This essay accompanies an exhibition of the same name curated by the present writer and held at the Belconnen Arts Centre (10 May to 26 May 2013). It is one of a number of special events developed by Craft ACT to celebrate Canberra's centenary year. The exhibition showcases recent works by 9 artists - Leonie Andrews, Paul Dumetz, Myles Gostelow, Trenna Langdon, Moraig McKenna, Peter Minson, Vicki Passlow, Rozalie Sherwood and Kate Ward. These artists work across a range of media including ceramics, glass, textiles and wood. This essay offers brief introductions to the artists and some of their works.

Title: Notations - Margaret Brown     by Janet DeBoos     1 November 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Notations - Margaret Brown    
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In calling her current body of work Notations, rather than Writings or Language or Text, Margaret Brown has made connections between the ceramic object and even broader fields of cultural experience. The idea of notations as a specialised system of symbols or marks that communicate information is commonly associated with music or mathematics.

Title: Nature's Rhythm     by Nadege Desgenetez     29 March 2014    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition    
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Nature's Rhythm by Craft ACT member Christine Atkins explored the connection between light, glass and water through a body of works in glass, metal and wood. In this essay, Nadege Desgenetez examines the artist's connection to nature as demonstrated through her practice thus far.

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