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Reviews and essays

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An index of all our published reviews and essays.

Title: Notations - Margaret Brown     by Janet DeBoos     1 November 2012    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Notations - Margaret Brown     Read Notations - Margaret Brown

In calling her current body of work Notations, rather than Writings or Language or Text, Margaret Brown has made connections between the ceramic object and even broader fields of cultural experience. The idea of notations as a specialised system of symbols or marks that communicate information is commonly associated with music or mathematics.

Title: Nature's Rhythm     by Nadege Desgenetez     29 March 2014    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Nature's Rhythm

Nature's Rhythm by Craft ACT member Christine Atkins explored the connection between light, glass and water through a body of works in glass, metal and wood. In this essay, Nadege Desgenetez examines the artist's connection to nature as demonstrated through her practice thus far.

Title: Master of His Craft     by Valerie Kirk     7 December 2011    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: 2011 solo exhibition by Tim Gresham     Read Master of His Craft

Phase is Melbourne artist Tim Gresham's latest solo exhibition of photography and woven tapestry. Held at the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre gallery in Canberra, the show exudes a quiet confidence and accomplishment.

Title: Mamana Mamanta (Gradual Friendship)     by Barbara McConchie     28 November 2008    
Category: Touring exhibition
Subject: Glasswork by Luna Ryan and Jock Puautjimi     Read Mamana Mamanta (Gradual Friendship)

Mamana Mamanta - gradual friendship - is a fitting title for this exhibition featuring new work by Jock Puautjimi, Tiwi artist of the Wantarringa (sun) skin group from Bathurst Island and Luna Ryan an established Canberra glass artist, as it succinctly describes the slow development and growth of their friendship.

Title: Liz Williamson: Textiles     by Gary Sangster     30 November 2010    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: 2010 Object gallery touring exhibition celebrating Liz Williamson as part of the Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series     Read Liz Williamson: Textiles

Liz Williamson's work, accomplished and beautiful as it is, operates in a field of inquiry that is far more powerful and intriguing than an exquisite adornment of the body, or the inflections of innovative fabric-making, or the re-conceptualization of art mediated through textiles and design.

Title: Life In Yours Hands     by Robyn Daw     4 April 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Exhibition     Read Life In Yours Hands

The relationship between a community and its immediate environment is, at best, balanced and robust: communities demonstrate resilience, cope with adversity and, by necessity, must accommodate change. However, when change occurs for the worst, people can become disempowered and separated from the very place perceived as home. Physical and mental health may be affected: the result of an accumulation of adverse conditions. This phenomenon has been identified and named as solastalgia by Professor Glenn Albrecht. Effectively this is a condition of homesickness experienced without leaving home.

Title: Jane Burns toasts Dr Robert Bell AM     by Jane Burns     21 July 2010    
Category: Craft ACT event
Subject: Event for Dr Robert Bell AM     Read Jane Burns toasts Dr Robert Bell AM

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre hosted a reception for Dr Robert Bell to celebrate his Award of the AM in the June 2010 announcement of Queen's Birthday Honours for the Order of Australia. Jane Burns toasted to Dr Robert Bell and the significant recognition and honour so deservingly awarded to him by our country for his services to contemporary craft and design in Australia.

Title: Innovation Reclaimed     by Glen Martin     14 April 2011    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: 2011 group exhibition curated by the Centre     Read Innovation Reclaimed

Embracing innovation reminds us of what this word innovation really means. It is a show that details the layered ways we interact with material, the way we reassess and reconfigure. Yet this is also a collection of very beautiful, interesting works.

Title: Inhabit - Living in design     by Richard Wood     18 June 2013    
Category: Gallery exhibition
Subject: Gallery     Read Inhabit - Living in design

Canberra is a design laboratory, always new, always in the present. Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre continues this tradition by curating an exhibition with objects from our Accredited Professional Members that inhabit our homes and define the spaces we live in.

Title: Imagining the past, creating the future     by Barbara McConchie     30 June 2006    
Category: Project
Subject: Memories in Place: art in high country huts     Read Imagining the past, creating the future

A project incorporating an exhibition at Craft ACT and three discrete temporary installations located in the Brayshaws, Westermans and Waterhole huts within the Namadgi National Park.

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